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Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to give you some formal/informal (you decide lol)  information regarding the upcoming sessions for the remainder of the year!!


Thank you to everyone that I got to photograph and catch up with over the summer months! We lucked out with weather and I didn’t have to reschedule one session!! That is some kind of record!


The first session coming up in September is new!! And sold out! I named it ‘second-summer’ because it’s not quite fall yet. Sure, the colors are changing but they aren’t at their peak foliage until later into October depending on the rain we have.  The tall grass, the deep yellows and browns make for stunning backgrounds but the clothing options are endless for these. You can go with a a brighter fall palette when choosing your clothes and leaves more room for accessories!


I am still plugging away at my senior sessions and have room for 2 more in September and October! Senior sessions in fall are great because of the foliage and colors.

When there is only one subject it just pops even more!


I am building the dates for my fall sessions as we speak. I am going with the standard mini-session offer and going to add a smaller package in case a client would need just some updated family shots! I will update the website and give you some notice as to when they will be announced. Within the week, for sure!


Oh, how could I forget??!?!!! The sibling-sports sessions!! I LOVE THESE!! Booking for these are on an individual basis because they are such short sessions and because everyone has crazy schedules this time of year! We also don't have to limit it to just siblings!! Cousins? That's a great gift for the grandparents!


Once I get this all finalized this week, I will enter into the holiday season…….



THE HOLIDAYS???!!!! Warm weather please don't leave us too quickly!



Have a great day everyone!!!





Here are some previews!!




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