Hello and welcome to my page!! I just want to start off by thanking everyone who has supported me in the first few years of my business.  I am so honored and humbled, you have no idea how much I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Alright, well I will give ya a quick ‘about me’ for all of the newbies here!!

My name is Lindsay and I have owned and operated ‘LJReed Photography’ for about 12 years!! Photography was my major in college and I dropped it to pursue broadcast communications and keep photography as my hobby… Well, a comm degree and 20 years later, 3 houses, marriage, 2 amazing kids and here I am, living my dream of being a photographer. I was fortunate enough to be a full-time stay-at-home-mom as well! (They’re 15 and 13 now so I now know nothing as human being and am useless to them!)

*Fun Fact! I also work part time at an in-patient drug and alcohol facility and I absolutely LOVE it. Don’t get me wrong, it is total chaos, but it is so rewarding. I work amongst the most loving and genuine people that you would ever meet. Addiction is hard enough, it doesn’t need a stigma. #bekind

My passion for photography is indescribable at times. It’s more than a business exchange and a family photo. It’s an experience, a moment, lots of memories, laughter, smiles, and always tears. But it’s life. And it’s beautiful. I remember the day Logan took his first steps probably 11 years ago by now…. I remember Brynn eating an entire 8 inch round lady-bug cake at her 1st birthday shoot, which was probably about 10 years ago. I often think about the family that knew that they were going to lose their father soon and trusted me to capture that moment for them. I hope they know that I am forever grateful to have been the one that they chose. I give back when I can. If your charity needs a photographer, I will do anything I can to be there!

So, guys, I love photography!

And I will list a few more things that I love and I am outta here! (these are in no particular order!!)

My kids.
Baseball (My goal in life is to see all 30 active baseball parks… I’m at 8/30. I’m getting there…)
The color blue
Wasting money on Starbucks Tumblers
I love to bake.
My friends
Whitney Houson
Micheal Jackson
Old music
All Music actually
My dogs
My family
My ugg slippers
Cutting grass
Derek Jeter

I should add. I hate ketchup. It’s very un-Pittsburgh-like, I know. I hate the smell, the bottle, the look, the smell, the goup on the bottle, have I mentioned the smell?

Oh it also tells you to have some headshots done and a branding session…. Well, I also haven’t done that either!! This is the best we are doing here! Your’s will be better, I promise! And from a real camera, not a phone.